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Who We Are

In the beginning circa 2015
Lowdown Transporters is a group of friends, we met mostly over the internet on Instagram, Facebook and forums from a shared mutual enthusiasm for modifying vans, lowering them to the limitations of the time, with only a handful of available parts we helped each other out with every extra millimetre of drop we could, getting as low as possible either static or on bags was our only goal.
 From this we formed a group on Facebook where we could all feel welcome and thus the Lowdown Transporters club was born, we began producing stickers for our vehicles keeping them only for club members who share our vision, just having a low van isn’t enough, it’s more than just a sticker, it’s a shared mindset that being as low as possible is the only way to go, regardless if your driveway is steep or your drive to work is peppered in potholes and speed bumps.
Fast forward to now!
The small 20 member club exploded, too many now to count, from early splitscreens up to brand new t6’s, we try to get as many together for meets and events all over Great Britain and parts of Europe to share in what we love.
 We believe the increase in members is largely thanks to the ever expanding range of parts available making the low life a lot more accessible for the masses, so we try to offer many of these parts in the online store with a lot more still to add to make your life simpler.
Ldt apparel
With the ever growing popularity of the Lowdown Transporters movement came an increased demand for clothing and accessories, we work hard with great friends, designers and uk based manufacturers of quality goods to bring you the best, whether you have a slammed van or just appreciate the scene, ldt apparel has something for you.
 Our goal
 Lower Everything! The end goal is to make the Lowdown Transporters movement and family as large as possible, worldwide! And have fun creating awesome builds whilst helping you create your own awesome build!
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